Readers’ Theatre Auditions – Medea

‘Medea’ by Euripides as translated by Paul Roache.
Directed by Kathryn Milton
‘Medea’ was first performed in 431 BC at the spring Dionysus festival in Athens.
Auditions at WLT on Thursday, April 5th at 6:30 PM
Reading at WLT on Sunday, May 27th at 6:30 PM


  • at least 6 women: Medea, Nurse, and at least 4 women for chorus.
  • 5 men:Jason husband to Medea, Tutor, Creon, Aegeus, and Messenger.
  • Messenger can also be a woman.

Medea’s grief is driven to extreme madness by the betrayal of her husband, Jason. He has left her for the beautiful younger Princess of Corinith. Medea’s pain drives her into madness and her revenge is so horrific, that one should ask, “who has committed the worst crime?” The themes and dialogues between husband and wife are so contemporary that the question arises, “Have we advanced our relationships in 2000 years??”

Medea’s tragedy is summed up in Euripides’s own line, “Passion is the curse of man; it inflicts the greatest ill!”

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