Enemies – Extended Release

Written by Neith Boyce & Hutchins Hapgood
Directed by Graham Knight

“A man’s enemies are those of his own household.” Is this true? In this autobiographical drama playwrights Boyce and Hapgood ask the question, how do you keep a marriage alive decade after decade? It’s a primordial struggle, one you won’t want to miss and the answer these two playwrights suggest is sure to surprise you.

The play is only 15 pages long but it packs a punch!

Due to technical difficulties–and a bit of a learning curve as we venture into our first staged virtual production–our offering of Enemies has been off to a bumpy start. Thank you, dear patrons, for being patient with us! To compensate for the aforementioned issues, Enemies will be available for online viewing until the end of the month! So if you missed your opportunity to see this darling little dramatic comedy, you can grab your chance on Monday, March 15 through Wednesday, March 31–ticket prices only at $5 (plus fees).