Plays on the Dock: WLT New Scripts Festival

August 6th and 13th at 7pm

Join us this summer for an outdoor new scripts festival, featuring plays by local playwrights. On Friday, August 6, and Friday, August 13, on the former freight station loading dock at the Winchester Little Theatre, we will offer readings of ten new scripts (five each night). Bring a lawn chair and enjoy an evening (or two!) of live, local theatre!

Tickets – $10:
August 13th

Friday, August 6 – directed by Betsy Arnett

The Witness Tree, by Betsy Arnett
A family copes with the death of a daughter due to an opioid overdose.

The Side Hustle Economy, by Griff Thomas
Three seemingly random people get on an elevator, but two of them have plans the others know nothing about.

Keith Richards, by Donald Wollner
A couple contemplate the day-to-day realities of growing older.

The Teacher Conference, by Betsy Arnett
A young couple meet with their boy Sebastian’s teacher about a biting incident.

The RA, by Griff Thomas
A college couple argue about what it means to be in love.

Friday, August 13 – directed by Theresa Apple

Card Shuffle, by D.C. Gallant
A down-on-her-luck pregnant teenager waits out a rainstorm in a small town pharmacy and meets the town’s most eccentric resident.

Famous Last Words, by Jerry Tracy
Four actors play poker backstage and annoy each other as they wait for their cues.

Poetry Quartet Blues, by D.C. Gallant
Four poetry students try to keep their writing going through a Zoom group during COVID.

Flashes of Light, by Theresa Apple
After his father dies, a man goes on a spiritual journey to discover his Native American heritage.

Dad Versus the Refrigerator, by Griff Thomas
A family rhymes about the contents of their refrigerator and pantry.