Readers’ Theatre Online: The Trip to Bountiful

WLT Readers’ Theatre Online Presents:
The Trip to Bountiful
By Horton Foote
Directed by LaTasha Do’zia
Tickets $5 each, available through Sunday, September 13th.

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Set in 1953, The Trip to Bountiful is the story of Mrs. Carrie Watts’ journey back to the home of her youth: Bountiful, Texas. In ways, it’s just the simple telling of an elderly woman’s call back to her old friends and to her roots. And in deeper ways, it’s the mythic odyssey we all must make in the search of the self.

This beautiful play is directed by local teacher and director, LaTasha Do’zia. The cast includes several newcomers (welcome!) and two familiar faces, Steve Nichols & Trish Epperson!

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