Virtual Theatre – The Little Match Girl

Adapted By Jack Neary
Directed by Roxie Orndorff
July 31st thru August 2nd
Tickets $5

Hans Christian Andersen’s classic is given an up-tempo, contemporary spin by Jack Neary. Dodge is a twelve-year old girl, an orphaned street kid, cleverly living on her own. On New Year’s Eve, she meets James, a fourteen-year old runaway whose sour outlook on life Dodge finds challenging. Dodge decides to show James the good stuff of his life by revealing to him the power of the magic matchsticks given to her by her Grandmother. Both her life and his will never again be the same. Highly suspenseful, with flashes of great action, humor and warmth, this magical story will captivate and delight audiences all year round.

Tickets will go on sale on July 31st when the video is available.
Ticket purchase will include instructions on how to access the video.