About Us

The Winchester Little Theatre was organized in 1929 "...to present, produce and encourage the production, acting and writing of plays..." by a group of persons interested in providing an outlet for their artistic interests and bringing to the community entertainment and culture. The first production, Ario de Capo, was staged at Handley High School in 1930. By 1955 the WLT had found a home in the old Bark Mill, which was owned by one of its members. Here the group began to do shows in "arena" style, or theater-in-the-round. In 1974, WLT stayed on track as it moved into the old Pennsylvania Railroad freight station (circa 1895). Through the generous support of friends and patrons, the building was paid for in only three years. The years have seen many changes in the Winchester Little Theatre; in its organization, its players, its productions and its audiences. We look with enthusiasm and anticipation to many theatrical years ahead.

Mission Statement

To encourage excellence in the production, acting, directing and writing of plays; and to bring quality entertainment and culture to our community through a variety of endeavors in the performing arts.

Inclusivity Statement

We, the people of Winchester Little Theatre,
commit ourselves to being inclusive and fully reflecting our community.
We take specific, positive actions to include the widest possible range of people in all roles, on stage and off:

  • people of all races and cultural backgrounds,
  • people of all types of physical or cognitive ability,
  • people of all types of gender and sexuality,
  • people of all classes,
  • people of all ages.