Upcoming Events

September 18

Local singers, musicians, magicians, poets and actors display their talent for your enjoyment!


September 19 to October 3

Love Letters is a series of letters exchanged over the two characters’ lifetimes, sharing their deepest thoughts along the way. It will tug your heartstrings, make you laugh, and provide you with a memorable theatrical evening in WLT's Outdoor Performance Series.


September 25

Three punk-rock bands who have previously dedicated performances for fundraising have been itching to perform for an audience and are excited to find a stage at WLT!


October 16

Live music featuring one of our own sharing his love of music!


November 6 to November 21

It’s 1930’s Paris and the stage is set for the concert of the century – as long as producer, Henry Saunders, can keep Italian superstar Tito Merelli and his hot-blooded wife, Maria, from causing runaway chaos! Prepare for non-stop hilarity!


January 8 to January 23

Retired schoolteacher Eleanor Bannister is the most respected woman in Groverdell, TX. That is, until a smoothtalking drifter does more than fix the hole in her roof, and tongues start wagging.


March 12 to March 27

In 1926, radium was a miracle cure and luminous watches the latest rage—until the girls who painted them began to fall ill with a mysterious disease. Inspired by a true story, Radium Girls traces the efforts of Grace Fryer, a dial painter, as she fights for her day in court.


May 14 to May 29

Get your deerstalker cap on — the play’s afoot! Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson must crack the mystery of “The Hound of the Baskervilles” before a family curse dooms its newest heir. Can our heroes discover the truth in time? Join the fun and see how far from elementary the truth can be.


June 19 to June 26

Sleeping Beauty awaits her Prince Charming as looney anchorman Rick Flick tries to keep his viewers up to date on the state of the sleeping princess. The race is on to find that magical kiss in this fast-paced, clever adaptation of a classic love story brought into the world of television newscasting. All ages will laugh out loud!


July 17 to July 24

Travel down the rabbit hole with Alice, in her wild and increasingly strange adventures as she races the Dodo Bird, gets tied up with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, raps with a bubble blowing Caterpillar and beats the Queen of Hearts at her own game! A delightful, fast paced adaptation of the classic Disney film.