Main-Stage Production Auditions

  • Usually held at the theater and open to the public.
  • Usually held the Sunday and Monday evening of the second week of the previous production run, subject to change.
  • As soon as dates and details for an audition are set, they will be posted here.
  • Please download, print, and fill out this audition form, and bring it to the audition:
    Download the WLT Audition Application
    This form can also be filled out at the audition.

WLT For Kids Auditions

WLT For Kids auditions are usually held in April. For information and registration for the WLT For Kids summer program auditions, please visit the WLT For Kids page or keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Upcoming Auditions...

Inclusivity Statement

We, the people of Winchester Little Theatre,
commit ourselves to being inclusive and fully reflecting our community.
We take specific, positive actions to include the widest possible range of people in all roles, on stage and off:

  • people of all races and cultural backgrounds,
  • people of all types of physical or cognitive ability,
  • people of all types of gender and sexuality,
  • people of all classes,
  • people of all ages.