Auditions: Baskerville

By Ken Ludwig
Directed by Sally Anderson
Sunday June 27 at 7pm OR Monday June 28 at 7pm

This demanding but hilarious play calls for versatile actors.

It is the traditional story of the Hound of the Baskerville but unfolds through the actions of a multitude of characters played by an ensemble of four actors. The plot changes on a dime from the moors to a train, to the streets of London and obviously to 221B Baker Street. Changes of character, accent and costume occur at lightning speed. The two main characters, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson are on stage 99% of the time. They are known characters (from literature) but not stereotypes.

To me, this play epitomized theatre at its most exciting: characters and stories that emerge on a relatively bare stage and within the audience’s imagination.

Sherlock Holmes – Male 35-65
Dr John Watson – Male or Female 35 – 60

The ensemble will be playing a myriad of characters
Ensemble One – Female 40-65
Ensemble Two – Male 40-65
Ensemble Three – Female 25-40
Ensemble Four – Male 25-40

Production dates are Sept 10 – Sept 25.

Rehearsals start sporadically via Zoom in July, (table talk & Accent workshops) & in earnest on stage late July & August.


Auditioners may audition on ONE NIGHT ONLY
either Sunday June 27 at 7pm OR Monday June 28 at 7pm
Callbacks for Tuesday June 29 will be made by text or phone message

Audition application download:
WLT Audition Application

If you have any questions please contact the director.