Readers’ Theatre Auditions: The Master Builder

Auditions for The Master Builder by Henrik Ibsen

Directed by Sally Anderson

In The Master Builder, Henrik Ibsen uses Halvard Solness, his ambition and insecurities, to reveal how man can contribute to his own failings, even if he is seemingly successful. By insisting that “I am what I am, and I cannot change my nature”, Solness attempts to manipulate everyone around him to ensure that he remains “the master”, not only in the course of his business, but also in his personal relationships. He fears a young generation that will challenge his position as “Master Builder”. That representative of the younger generation appears in a form that he least expects.

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HALVARD SOLNESS, Master Builder. 45-65
ALINE SOLNESS, his wife. 40-60
DOCTOR HERDAL, physician. 50-70
KNUT BROVIK, formerly an architect, now in SOLNESS’S employment. 50-70
RAGNAR BROVIK, his son, draughtsman. 25 – 30
KAIA BROVIK, his niece, bookkeeper.20 – 25
NARRATOR M or F any age


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Auditions Monday June 8, 7-9pm
Read through Thursday June 11
Rehearsal #1 Tuesday June 16
Rehearsal #2 Thursday June 18
Recording Tuesday June 23rd

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